About Us

Machel Advisory Services is a boutique advisory firm specialising in tax consulting services, capital raising assistance and divestment.

Our aim is to become your trusted advisor and be an integral part of your team.

Machel Advisory Services can assist in the structuring of a start-up, help with your business development while you are growing your business and assist you with your exit strategies.

Seeking professional advice during the three phases (start-up, growth & consolidation and exit) is one of the many key ingredients for a successful venture.

To that end, with our expertise, commitment, accountability and personalised service we are available to assist businesses achieve good taxation and commercial outcomes in line with their objectives.

Machel Advisory Services provides transactional and project-based services in relation to tax matters, capital raising assistance and exit planning. We believe in a boutique offering that allows us to focus on our existing areas of expertise to provide value-added services to our client base, being:






Fund managers / private equity